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This category is all about me and my thoughts.  It might go something like this- Should I start a blog? Well I am not going to twitter, but the jury is out on blogging.  Are there really people out there interested in reading my observations, daily actvities and musings?

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  1. Stephanie Kalberer Feb 7th 2010

    Hi Dr. Nagler,

    I just thought this might be a good way to shout out to the cast and staff of Seussical for an amazing show. The dedication and hard work was evident. I found myself smiling for the rest of the day, especially when I thought about my awesome student, Austin (the baby eleplant). Again, congratulations to all!

  2. Lifelong Mineola Resident Jan 30th 2010

    I would suggest that if any of our schools should have to be closed that perhaps a good use for the building(s) would be senior housing. This has been done in the past and would require either a public (government) or private involvement. The tax base would increase somewhat and seniors could still live in the area. It is very sad when a person must leave a home and neighborhood that they love because they cannot afford to live there anymore.

  3. Thank you for your thoughts. The district is limited on what they can do to ‘promote’ a budget. Parent groups are not.

  4. Dan McCaffrey Jan 7th 2010

    Dr. Nagler I think the blog is a good outlet for communication. This evening I was at your meeting at the high school. It was bleak and informative. I would reccommend going big or going home. Ask fo the increase we need to educate our children. If we must we can pair it down for a second vote. More importantly, the support and the votes is the key to passing the budget we need. Parental voter turn out has been pathetic. The fixed income townspeople get their vote out why don’t we. Is the district restricted in the way they can work to get the vote out…?

    Thanks, Dan

  5. Meadow Drive Staff Nov 16th 2009

    We are writing in reply to Maria Crowe’s blog regarding Doris Rouse. Your concern is so greatly appreciated and we want you to know that thankfully, Doris does not have cancer. Miss Rouse is recuperating from surgury but the situation was not cancerous. We will pass along your good wishes and this wonderful story.

  6. Maria Crowe Nov 8th 2009

    Dear Dr Nagler,
    I am writing to inform you that one of our Mineola High School Graduates (01), Jamie Carter,was a co writer for an article titled “Looking Ahead” published by the Council for Exceptional Children. The amazing part of the story is that her inspiration for the article as well as her choice of career was attributed to her first grade teacher at Meadow Drive, Miss Rouse. I understand that at the present time Miss Rouse is fighting a battle against cancer. I thought it may be a good time to recognize her for her many years of service inspiring young people. I would like to share the article with you. I have scanned it in my computer, if you wish please email me and I will be glad to send it to you. Sincerely, Maria Crowe

  7. Lorraine Hale Oct 12th 2009

    Dr. Nagler, I think this is an interesting idea, Perhaps you could map out specific topics that will be addressed throughout the school year, by month perhaps, to encourage dialogue that is focused.

  8. Anthony Tramonte Oct 8th 2009

    Thanks for stopping by Dr. Nagler. My students were telling me that you owned all the schools in Mineola.

  9. Jane Giamalvo Sep 27th 2009

    I too think this is a great idea. Kudos Dr. Nagler!!!! Hopefully more and more people will post thoughts and ideas.

  10. Elsa Coelho Sep 24th 2009

    This is definitely an interesting and Web 2.0 (or is it 3.0 by now) idea. I’m hoping to do some sort of blog on my webpage to get the students more interested and involved – although en espanol of course!

  11. Laura A. Hefele Sep 21st 2009

    Dear Dr. Nagler,

    Kudos to you for being brave enough to do this. Have had some experience with blogging and have found it to be a great creative outlet. Best of luck to you and I think the students will love it. Might take a little while for the “grown-ups”. :)

  12. Patrick Talty Sep 21st 2009

    I too think this is a great medium. Thanks for making it happen. Its openess and lack of formality are its strength. First Promethean Boards and now a blog. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Did someone say “Intel Finalist”?

  13. teri wolfe Sep 20th 2009

    OK the technologically slow teacher thinks this is a good idea! Just hope I remember to check it every now and then. By the way …have you moved back home yet?

  14. rob cerruti Sep 18th 2009

    see you happy now i posted on your blog im sure right now your probably sayin cerruti!!!! lol

  15. Matthew C. Miller Sep 16th 2009

    Great idea! I am looking fwd. to a great year! Best of luck!

  16. Chris Wetzel Sep 14th 2009

    I also found your blog and plan to read it every so often!

  17. Mary Ellen Williams Sep 12th 2009

    Well, well, well, a superintendent’s blog! I think it’s a good idea. Give it some time to get known, build up a following. I found it by accident looking for directions to the Marching Band show in CT.
    Happy new school year!

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