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Weather Information (just in case)

Current forecasts indicate that we are safe to open school tomorrow. The forecasts also indicate the unpredictability of the storm and the weather may get worse sooner than expected. Therefore there is a possibility that we may have to close buildings early. This will be a last resort; I understand the difficulties associated with this decision. If we decide to close early the decision will be made before 11:00am and you will be notified by phone. All schools would dismiss 1 hour earlier than usual, therefore you could expect your child’s bus to arrive one hour earlier than it normally does. If you are unable to meet your child at the bus please send in a note with him/her tomorrow morning and we will hold your child at school until you are able to pick him/her up. Again- this is unlikely to happen but let’s plan accordingly. In the event of an early dismissal SCOPE will remain open until 4:30, but children will be supervised until you are able to get to the building.
It is highly likely that evening activities will be canceled. That decision will be made by 4:00pm. In the event that activities are cancelled the following arrangements have been made-
1) High School Senior Class Carnival Night will be rescheduled to April 12
2) Middle School musical Dear Edwina- The Friday Night and Saturday matinee will be postponed. The new times for the performances would be:
Saturday evening at 7:30 PM (Friday evening exact seats will be honored)
Sunday afternoon at 2:00 PM (Saturday matinee exact seats will be honored)
Sunday evening at 7:30 PM (Saturday evening exact seats will be honored)
If you have already purchased tickets and would prefer to come to a different show than we designated above, we will gladly honor your ticket, but we will have to put you in a different seat.
3) Winter Guard Trip to Trumball CT has already been cancelled.

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  1. Theresa Patton Feb 7th 2013

    So nice to see that Mineola is thinking ahead. It gives us parents time to plan. Thanky you!!!!

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